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Not every Ibiza wedding bride and groom need a full wedding planner, and Cris knows this. Therefore, in order the complement her “On the day coordination” service, she had decided to open her books and make them public. Like this, she if giving all couples this FREE resource to be able to self-plan their Ibiza wedding without the need of hiring a full-time wedding planner.

Before you start

Believe me, I know how tempting it is to start the wedding planning process anywhere that feels good for you. This may be because you are driven by music and entertainment, florals and design or because you already follow your favourite Ibiza wedding photographer or cake maker on Instagram. But my advice, as an experienced wedding planner is to hold-back for just a minute and plan out your wedding planning for it to be time-efficient and effective. The better organised you get from the beginning, the better you will manage your communications and decision-making process.

First: timings

The very first thing you need to determine when starting off your Ibiza wedding planning is setting your timelines. If you do this in the very early stages of planning it will for sure save you a lot of time! Check with your Ibiza wedding venue to see if they already have a sample guideline off these and in case your are planning a villa wedding, then we have got you covered here.

1st step: determine your finishing time. Most venues on the island are limited to a midnight music cut-off time due to local Balearic laws. If your wedding venue has a license then this time could be extended. Check with them first.

2nd step: decide how long you would like your dancefloor (DJ, dancing and bar service) to last for. I personally would recommend anything between 3 and 5 hours giving you a long day event.

3rd step: speeches. Instead of giving this unlimited time, I recommend you allocate a maximum of 30 minutes to this part. Longer speeches can kill the party vibe.

4th step: determine how long the dinner service will last. This will be determined by various factors such as venue layout, menu and number of guests. If you are unsure of how long it will take then ask your caterers or venue. We usually like to allocate 1.5 – 2 hours to this service which even if excessive will bring to the table that relaxed Mediterranean vibe.

5th step: before the dinner you will be enjoying your post-ceremony drinks and canapes time; also know as the cocktail reception. I have seen venues and caterers allocating 1 hour to this although I personally prefer this to last 1.5 – 2 hours depending on the number of people attending your Ibiza wedding. Why so long? Because you want to have enough time to be able to be congratulated by everyone, have some group and couple portraits taken and maybe even have a make-up retouch. All of this takes time and you don’t want to be stressed about the idea that you will need to skip any of this.

6th step: your wedding ceremony or blessing. Know that all Ibiza wedding are actually blessings and therefore you will need to register in your hometown. This makes Ibiza wedding ceremonies much more personal to each individual and a part that you will look forward to because you will be able to share your love story with your exclusive choice of witnesses. Usually, whether the ceremony is conducted by a celebrant or someone designated from your wedding party, this part tends to last about 30 minutes.

7th step: guest arrival to the venue. A 30-minute bracket for arrival time is usually a good amount of time for people to arrive at your venue, be escorted to the ceremony area and given a welcome drink for the waiting time. I 100% recommend that you keep this part of the day alcohol-free as guests will have already had a drink or two and therefore considering the weather conditions, hydration should be a priority. Plus you want everyone nice and sharp for your ceremony that has probably taken you months of preparation.

With all of this said, you should now have timings that look like something like this:

4.00 PM – Guests arrive at your wedding venue

4.00 PM – 4.30 PM – Blessing of your marriage

5.00 PM – 6.30 PM – Post-ceremony drinks & canapes

6.30 PM – 8.30 PM – Dinner service

8.30 PM – 9.00 PM – Speeches and cake cutting (this can happen earlier too!)

9.00 PM – 0.00 AM Open bar & dancefloor (3 hours)

00.00 AM Guests departure

Tips: in order to ensure you’re always on budget and that your time is used efficiently, we recommend you determine your hours of bar and timings from the very beginning. This will avoid you having to get back to suppliers at a later date with any schedule changes! Use the above to determine timings now and stick to them throughout.

Notes: compared to other destinations, it may seem that your wedding in Ibiza starts “late” but earlier start to 3 PM are not recommended due to the heat. Plus, there is no “moving-time” to factor in from reception to venue. For church weddings, you will need to check with the church for their hours of service and then continue the above recommendations factoring in the time from the church to your venue (minimum 1 hour).

Païssa clients: this information is already included in your proforma quote. Get in touch with us if you have any questions 🙂

Venue & Catering

The Venue: Villa Païssa d’en Bernat – see their website!

The Catering Team: Silver Spoon Ibiza – see their website!


Depending on your venue choice you may require elements such as tables, chairs, benches, tableware, glassware, etc.

Cris Crown Ibiza – Hire Catalogue

ArtNatur also offer tableware, glassware, and much more – visit their website

Interculinarium – visit their website

The Ibiza Chair Company – visit their website

Cardamom Events  – visit their website

NOTE: For those getting married at Païssa, know that we provide you already at no extra cost with the ceremony arch (no flowers), the benches and a lectern, as well as all the tables and chairs as a part of our catering packages. Re-visit the hire catalogue to see further details.

Wedding Celebrants

Oso Celebrant (EN) – visit his website

Your Day Ibiza (EN, GER, SP, FR) – visit her website

Melchior Celebrant (EN, GER, SP, FR, RU) – visit his website

Food for thought: have you considered using a family member?

Wedding Photographers

Masha Kart (RU, DE, EN, SP, FR) visit her website and follow her on IG
Dario Sanz (SP, EN, CAT) – visit his website and follow him on IG

Matt Morgan (EN) – visit his website and follow him on IG

Natasha Marshall (EN) – visit her website and follow her on IG

Gypsy Westwood (EN, SP, CAT) – visit her website and follow her on IG

Nigel Edgecombe (EN) – visit his website and follow him on IG

Youri Claessens (NL, CH, EN, PT) – visit his website and follow him on IG

Saskia Bauer (SP, EN) – visit her website and follow her on IG

Marnosuite by Maria Simon (DE, EN, SP) visit her website and follow her on IG

Studio by Ana Lui (EN, SP) – visit her website and follow her on IG

Stephanie Shenton (EN, SP) – visit her website and follow her on IG

Selia Photography (DE, EN, SP) – visit her website and follow her on IG

Anne Walker (EN, SP, CAT) – visit her website and follow her on IG

Tamas Kooning (NL, EN) – visit his website and follow him on IG

TIP: We recommend that you narrow your list down to 2 photographers and then kindly ask them for access to two full galleries (you need to see what you will get!). And here is an even better tip – make it clear that you do not need to look at that picture-perfect bride (because that is probably already on social media). Ask for down-to-earth couples and even consider looking at a cloudy day gallery (Ibiza’s sun shines most of the time – touch wood for your day! – but in the same way you think of a rain plan for the venue, consider this with your photographer too!)
TIP 2: wedding photographers cost anything between 2-3.5 K for the full day. Surprised? Well let me tell you something which may sound familiar; you get what you pay for! And I do not intend to push this on you, but I do want you to decide wisely on this. The flowers will die in 3-4 days, but your photos will stay with you for a lifetime. Invest in that!

Wedding Videographers

Buena Vista Videos (SP, EN) WebsiteVimeo Channel & Instagram
Jose Fernandez Life (SP, EN) – WebsiteYoutube Channel & Instagram
Tanit Films (NL, EN) – WebsiteVimeo Channel & Instagram
Adam Ings (EN, SP)– Website, Vimeo Channel & Instagram
Laura Gumbao (SP, EN) – WebsiteVimeo Channel & Instagram
Infin8images (EN) – WebsiteVimeo Channel & Instagram
NOTE: unlike the photographers, the videographers may not have their Social Media so up to date, so we recommend using Vimeo as a better source for samples.


ArtNatur (SP, EN, FR) – website and socials

Aurea Studio (SP, EN) – website and socials

Flowers Ibiza (SP, EN) – website and socials

Ibiza Wedding Flowers (SP, EN) – website and socials

Music & entertainment

Saxophonists & Trumpets:
Tomas on Sax – Listen!
Yves Le Franc Sax – website & socials
Gabor Bakos – website & socials
Sergio Gumbao – websitesocials
Ivan Sax – websitesocials
Wiebke Trumpet – website & socials

Fernando – website & socials

Hector Roldan – Listen!
Patrick Levy Blues – Listen!
Abraham Flamenco – Listen!
Dan Bentley – Listen!
Paco Fernandez – Listen!
Paul Hot Ice – Listen!

Singers, Bands, and/or dancers:
Claire Wakeman – Listen!
Lauren Kaycee Singer – Listen!
Nell Shakespeare – Listen!
Jodie Kean – Listen!
Elena Tovar – Brazilian Suite – Listen!
Kandela Mi Son Cuban Band – Listen!
Samba Brazilian Dancers – Listen!
Rels – Ibiza Rock Band – Listen!
Somosuno – Pop-Rock Band – Listen!
Contraband – Pop, Rock, 60s, 70s & 80s – Listen!
Backbeat – Rock, Pop, Blues, Indie, Soul – Listen!
Yeshe Ryser – Funky, Soul, Reggae, Hip Hop – Listen!
La 22 Formentera – Latin music – Listen!
Windrose – Rock – Listen!
The Groovy Brothers – Rock & Roll, Blues – Listen!
More options here!


Jonny Green (our in-house DJ!)Listen!
Brian BeezWax – Listen!
Luis Baker / Corbi – Listen!
Ben Santiago – Listen!
Efrain Navarro – Listen!

Important: Please check with your band to see if you need a technician on-site for the day and if required, please contact Cris and she will redirect you to the right people for the job! 🙂

Hair & makeup

Sandra Fanny & Co by Sandra Serra (SP, EN) – website & see her work on IG

Louise Maxwell (EN, SP) – websitesee her work on IG

Laura Boland (EN) (previous Païssa bride!) – website and see her work on IG

Natalie Wood (EN) – websitesee her work on IG

Hannah Mullock – websitesee her work on IG

Kaitie Bolt (EN) – website & see her work on IG

Louise Hancox (EN) – see her work on IG

For the party!

In Your Dreams (party glitter) (EN) – website & Instagram


White Rabbit (EN, SP) website & Instagram
Kids in Ibiza (EN, SP) website & Instagram
Cachuirulo (SP, EN)  website Instagram


The Cake Studio websitemore images on socials
Cup Cake Collection – websitemore images on socials
Sugar Chic Ibiza websitemore images on socials
Katies Kitchen – discover her work on socials



The Steam Stress (dress steamer) – Meet!
Ibiza Photo Booth – Meet!
Magic Mirror Booth – Meet!
Drink Favours by Goldtooth – Meet!