Most people overestimate how important it is to plan their guest’s arrival and departure! And the fact is that the taxi service in Ibiza is just not sufficient for the amount of people that visit the island during the busy summer months. And although we cannot fight against this, we can however plan for success!

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Why is transport such a deal?

The fact that you cannot pre-book taxis in Ibiza and that depending on the month and time of the day, if your wedding is a little out of track (which most probably it is!) then the chances that a taxi will come and collect your guests is close to 1%. An Ibiza wedding without transport arranged for the end of the night, when everyone is “merry” and tired is a complete party killer! It simply isn’t worth leaving it to chance, regardless of how small your wedding numbers are. Simply because, the cost of transportation is not comparable with the headache that it will be to have everyone hanging around for who knows how long.

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How to arrange the transportation in an efficient way?

Most clients ask us for recommendation to give their guests in terms of accommodation, and it is well worth giving them an indication on the “areas” they should stay. Moreover, we recommend that you set pick-up and drop-off points and let your wedding guests know about them well before they book their accommodation. If you are planning on a more “bespoke” service, then expect to do some homework the 2-3 weeks prior to your Ibiza wedding (it simply won’t be feasible to do this any time before because some people leave their holiday booking until the very last minute, thus you won’t know where to drop them off at). With the help of a wedding planner, the stress can be eased off, but if you want to keep things really simple, then set the locations way in advance and then carry on with your wedding planning.

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How many minibuses do I need?

Minibuses come in all sizes. First of all, check your venue’s access! (nobody ever thinks about this!) If it is a “dirt-track” then forget about using a big bus because it won’t get there. The best sized minibuses in my opinion are the 11 and 19 seaters, being the second ones the ones with a better value for price. With this in mind, the more your wedding guests can group together, the better!

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How much will it cost me to arrange transport for my wedding guests?

This is a tricky question, as it will come down to the number of vehicles required and the type of vehicles. The larger the vehicle, the smaller the cost per head. We usually tell our clients that an average cost per person would be 10€ per person per journey (this includes VAT).

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Is it necessary to arrange transportation both ways?

If you are looking at cutting some costs here and there, then you can definitely let your guests “make their way”. Make sure however when communicating with guests that they understand the timelines of the event. Usually they turn up an hour prior as they do not understand that the welcome drink time is the time given for their arrival. Also, make sure that they are give super clear instructions on how to find your wedding venue, and if you have a wedding planner, then ensure everyone has her phone number where they needing to contact anyone on the day.

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Further tips

If you are letting guests arrive by taxi, then we suggest you create a WhatsApp group with your guests and drop a reminder on the location (pin drop) and even better imaged directions to your wedding venue, together with any last-minute tips (sun cream, flip-flops, etc.). Make sure you have a little note book with you for all these little “pop-up” thoughts – to avoid the unnecessary stress that this could cause later.

If you are not using a wedding planner for this part of the day, make sure that it is clear for all guests on what bus they will be departing – or create a A4 for each bus with the names of those travelling in each bus (size 12 and 14 is not sufficient at this time of the night – ensure you use a large font that is clear to ready and large enough to see in poor lighting conditions).

We hope that these Ibiza wedding planning tips have been useful and we will continue posting more of the great questions you have sent us! If you want to join the group, add your questions below or email us and we will make sure to be posting the answers to all your Ibiza wedding planning questions!

Happy planning!