When it comes to the part of decorating your wedding venue some have huge difficulties deciding on how to choose on their wedding theme, and if you are already actively worrying about this, we are here to help!

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Boho-relaxed-bling: “no gracias”!

The first rule is to break the rule! To say you have a “wedding theme” sounds like we are going to put you into a box or department and that that style will forever define you. (Luckily!) Everyone has their own style and what is great is that together with your partner you have both evolved to create a shared style – you only need to check your apartment to see this! So, ditch the stereotypes!

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The venue

The great thing of having chosen Ibiza as your wedding destination is its natural beauty. I honestly believe that REGADLESS of what wedding venue you have chosen, this location is stunning in its own way. If you have booked from the distance, then I would highly recommend that you visit your venue so you can see what this place has to offer you and if its natural resources (most probably) can play a great part in the “theming”.

Also, when you have discovered what your venue’s “WOW” factor is, remember that this part of it will not need much attention as you already know what will catch your guest’s attention. Remember, less is more.

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Representing you

I have had various clients say that they “aren’t creative” and this shouldn’t be something to bother you. Maybe your wedding decorating can be linked to a past time that was special to the both of you? So, if you both travelled together to the Buddhist mountains of Nepal; then maybe hang the traditional prayer flags. One of our clients last year started her own gardening company and her table centerpieces were pottery pieces!

If you are still struggling don’t hesitate! Maybe you prefer something simpler – and this is not something bad. For this then just tick the boxes that we provide below and “VOILA!” – you’re there!

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Decide on your colour palette. Here you have three options:

– Stick to one, two or up to three colours all along

– Go for all the vibrant colours (this is totally in at the moment and in my honest opinion looks better than the pastels)

– Decide on only one colour and use different shades of it

How you go about this is your choice and is for sure what will define your day. Think of the natural factors around your venue (intense blue skies that contrast with the green pine trees) and pick what goes with YOU.

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Now that you know your colours – decide on the flowers. This will take care of a great deal of the decorations of your venue. Think of: your wedding arch, bridal bouquet, bridesmaids’ bouquets, buttonholes and table centerpieces. Make sure everything ties in nicely. If you are working with a professional florist, then with the arch, bridal bouquet and centerpieces, they will be able to come up with other great suggestions that will suit your style and budget.

Couples usually literally freak out with the flower quotes out here – and I haven’t really seen quotes anywhere else, but I do know that the suppliers have sufficient experience to work with your budget. So if a quote comes back initially too high, speak to them (don’t worry, they don’t bite!) and explain to them where you aim to get to with the quote and maybe they can give you alternative flowers or include more greenery / foliage instead of putting as much flowers. You might as well give it a try!


We love to see hanging items at weddings – because they add that extra colour to a space or they add to your story. You can hang paper pom-poms, paper fans, up-down umbrellas, photos, mirror lines – or even strings of origami!

STORY: In one of our weddings last year, it was quite unfortunate that it rained during the ceremony time so we had to bring the ceremony inside but between all of us there, we build “the most amazing” ceremony space and put all our efforts in making it personal. Prior to asking her bride to marry her, Dervla made 1,000 pcs of Origami to “make her wishes come true”. As they were missing the views, we made a curtain of Origami behind where their ceremony was held. It couldn’t be more custom-made, DYI and personalized!

Props set in the right place can add a special touch to your Ibiza wedding – but be careful not to over do it! Not everything works and not everything needs to go up. Remember to keep flexible and wait to see it in place.

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The finishing touches

Small things like your name placements, prints of the order of the day, menus, etc. will provide you with another personal touch to place in the different areas of the wedding venue and which will represent your style. Probably you already sent you RSVP without thinking too much about your “theme” but don’t worry too much if on the way you changed your mind – wedding planning is a process that can easily take-up up to two full years, so it is quite understandable that this may happen.

We hope you have found some useful information in this post and we hope you continue reading other articles such as choosing your wedding favours or how to use colour to tie everything together in your Ibiza wedding”.

Wishing you a happy planning!