After long months of planning your Ibiza wedding, you want that the person behind the lens captures your wedding in the way you have always dreamed of. But before we get to the wedding day itself, the questions is: How do I choose an Ibiza wedding photographer? What makes photographers differentiate apart from the fact of their pricing? As professionals in the industry, we will share with you some useful tips which we hope will help you answer this question.

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The first step that you will take when doing your wedding planning will be to send that same email one thousand times to anyone you find between the first and the sixth page on Google. And although this is a very valid option, we would actually recommend that you start filtering by Google Images or Instagram (#hashtags can get you there faster), rather than by the very competitive search engine.

Let’s admit it – you are not an expert in photography! But you do know what you like and dislike when looking through images, right? Make yourself a favour and save some time – filter through images.

I would aim to make a short list of 6-8 photographers in this first search.

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Reviews or refence

Once you have made your first list of preference, have a look at the photographers’ background. Are they sufficiently experienced in weddings? Are they actually based in Ibiza? What have previous clients said of them? The more you can find out about the potential photographer beforehand, the better! Also, scroll though their online galleries – but hold on because your research hasn’t finished here!

Send them an email

Here is where the big question is – are you available on my date and how much are your services?

Expect to pay anything between 1,500 to 5,000 Euros for a decent photographer. The more established the photographer is, the higher their fee.

Maybe at this point you will find that your list has reduced to 2-3 photographers which is the ideal number. The question is, what do we do next? Yes of course that a call will be handy at this stage but let’s not make it too personal yet. Let’s investigate more!

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Request a full gallery

Photographers don’t really like this request as you are asking them to share someone else’s private gallery, but how can I know what to expect from you if I don’t see a full sample? If the gallery can be of your same wedding venue, then that would be even better! Do not be judgmental on superficial aspects such as the looks of the bride and groom, their guests or anything else that can distract you from what you are actually researching which is: how large is the gallery? Are the photos taken of my style (posed, relaxed, a combination, etc.)? Are the photos in general light or dark and are they in line with my style? Would I value this result for the next 10-20 years to come?

Maybe after doing this, you have managed to take one photographer of the list, which would maybe leave you with one or two options. This is the ideal scenario because now it is about connecting with someone who in a way you feel that you already know and who you will completely understand when they talk to you about their style.

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Schedule a call

Over a phone call the wedding photographer will be able to pitch their services. At this time, the photographer will explain to you the difference between their photography packages and then of course fill you in on their terms and conditions (payments, delivery timings, etc.).

This part of the selection is very personal. It is important that you feel connected to your photographer – maybe even more than with any other supplier taking part in your Ibiza wedding! They will be around you all day and possibly directing you and your guests to get those individual and group portraits which you will want to have, regardless of how relaxed you want the day to be. This person is fully responsible to build your memories, so go with your gut from what you felt during that call.

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Confirm the date:

At this stage you should already know who you are going to book as your Ibiza wedding photographer! You can now breath, put the deposit down and move on to the next step! Thanks for reading and if you have any questions or comments to add to this post, please feel free to include these below!

Happy planning!