We’re uncertain of where to begin in terms of budgeting for our Ibiza wedding. How much does a wedding cost in Ibiza?

Different people decide to have a destination wedding for different reason, some of them being for weather conditions, to reduce the invitation list or even because they believe that wedding services in Spain are affordable and cheap; however, we want to break this myth and give you a good idea of what the cost of an Ibiza wedding is.

A traditional Spanish wedding revolves around the meal, and to this we can also add the chilled relaxed vibe that Ibiza has to offer to all wedding events, therefore you will get more value for money and you are guaranteed a truly unique wedding which will have your guests speaking about it for year to come, but let’s break the costs up so you are fully aware of what your overall cost for a wedding will be. Like this, you will be able to determine what your Ibiza wedding budget is based on realistic Ibiza prices, rather than comparing prices to other regions or destinations, which is a fatal mistake, as each market works quite differently and when understanding the real prices, you will avoid disappointments and unpleasant surprises in later stages of your planning.

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Costs for a wedding in Ibiza:


On average you should be looking at spending around 150-160 Euros per person including beverages. This cost accounts for approximately 65-70% of your overall budget and if a variable cost which will be determined by the number of guests you are planning on having. The higher the number of guests attending your Ibiza wedding, then the better “per head” deal you will be able to get out of your caterers. Note that caterers on the island usually provide all materials needed for the day, therefore the above fee is not limited to the food, but should also factor in tableware, chairs, tableware and glassware, staff and all logistic related costs.

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Rental Fees

Depending on what type of venue you have opted for, you may need to factor in a rental fee. Some venues, such as restaurants and hotels, may not require a rental fee or “exclusivity” fee and instead they will build it into their in-house catering cost and possibly they will ask for a minimum spend or a minimum stay if rooms are applied. Other venues do charge venue fees which can range from anything between 1,500€ and 22,000€ depending on the day of the week, month of the year, areas used by clients or how long the event will last.


Fees here are very different depending if you are planning on having a religious catholic ceremony at a local church or a symbolic ceremony at the venues’ grounds

Catholic ceremonies entail a donation for the Catholic church which can range from 400€ – 700€, as well as a donation for the Priest, which is between 250€ – 350€, plus any other donations that could apply to your local Church / Priest and an extra fee would apply for a Wedding Church organiser, ranging from 450€ – 550€. Overall, a Church wedding would start at 1,500€.

Symbolic ceremonies when taking place at the venue hired or used for the reception, may entitle an extra fee or not, this will depend on each venue. To officiate this symbolic ceremony, you can opt to use a person who specializes in Wedding Blessings (ranging from 350€ – 750€) or you may find that someone within you group can do this for you. Furthermore, other costs to factor in would be chairs for guests (7 – 12 € plus transport).

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Photography and videography

All photographers and videographers offer different packages but we recommend you hire them for a minimum of 8 hours to ensure that they cover all the important parts. This type of services for weddings ranges from 2,000€ to 6,000€ based on the level of experience of the professional.

Florist and décor

When it comes to flowers, the sky is the limit! All flowers, even if you are looking at having “rustic” themed ones, are imported. On top of this, the price of flowers fluctuates depending on the time of the year. Here in Ibiza, bride’s bouquets range from 100€ to 150€, floral centrepieces will start at 45€ and wedding arches at 250€. Other wedding supplies such as bridesmaids bouquets, buttonholes, petal cones, aisle flowers or canape table centrepieces can increase your décor costs from 800€ to 20,000€ or even more!

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Entertainment, sound and lighting

Sometimes underestimated, the starting price of a nicely lit DJ / dancefloor area will start at 1,200€ including your DJ service for 3 hours. More basic packages can be created, but to impress your guests in Ibiza, we would say that this would be the starting price. Then, other entertainment options could be a saxophonist or guitarist playing during your welcome drinks or post ceremony cocktail reception, during your dinner service or straight after the meal to get people to the dancefloor! The cost of this type of service will start somewhere in the range of 300-400€ for the first hour and then it will gradually increase based on the hours required. If on the other hand you would prefer a full band, costs can range from 2,500€ to 10,000€ for a 3-4-piece band including all technical equipment. Other technical equipment such as dancefloors, festoon lighting, flooring, etc. can increase your costs from 2,000€ to 25,000€ or more!

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Luxury Bride and Groom Car

They type of car you choose will be the determining factor for the cost of this service here in Ibiza. The price of a more contemporary car will be lower than that of a classic car, especially since there isn’t a large range available on the island, and prices can range from 200€ to 600€. For longer periods of time (for example before and after the church service) the price may increase.


Prices of transport will hugely depend on the number of vehicles required and their sizes, which will be based on the distribution of people and where the pick-up and drop-offs are. With this in mind, and if you are looking to reduce the cost of this, we recommend that your let your guests know where transport will be running to/from before they book their accommodation in Ibiza. Going back to the cost of guest transportation, as it is so difficult to predict, we like to recommend that couples ensure an allowance of 10€ per person, per journey. If buses are maximized, then this cost can be reduced. Note also that transportation here in Ibiza is hired by the hour, so if you have planned your wedding in the West Coast of Ibiza, and your guests are staying in the north, expect to pay double.

Hair and Makeup

The cost of hair and makeup changes depending on what type of service you require. A good average here in Ibiza for bridal hair and makeup, including a trial run, would be of 400-450€. Any other service such as sprayed tan, eyelash extensions or bridal-party hair and makeup would of course add to this cost.

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Wedding Planner

If you are considering hiring a wedding planner for your Ibiza wedding, I recommend you take your time in making all the right research to ensure that the person you will hire is reliable, an established company and complying with the local laws and regulations. Hiring the right planner will ensure a stress-free planning process which is a key factor when planning a wedding abroad. The best way to get a feel for this would be not only via emails, but a call can help massively and clear things up from day one. As for pricing, as you reach out to different planners that work locally or from abroad in Ibiza, you will find a considerable difference in price – some even being willing to work for free! Our recommendation would be that if you are looking for a responsive, responsible and reliable professional wedding planner that specializes in Ibiza weddings and has a team of reputable suppliers that offer excellence of service to their clients as they would do, that you allow between 2,500€ and 5,000€ for the hiring of this service.

And here we conclude our budget allocation for an Ibiza wedding. The most important thing to keep in mind at the time of determining your Ibiza wedding budget is if the budget that you have allotted for your wedding is realistic for the destination that you’ve chosen, so that you don’t find that later on in the planning stages you have to increase your budget, reduce your guest list or change your wedding vision.

Enjoy planning your Ibiza wedding!

NOTE: Prices in this article are exclusive of TAX/VAT