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Before your Ibiza wedding, you will probably be brainstorming with your wedding planner on how to coordinate this breath-taking and cohesive palette that truly represents your unique creativity. The coulor palette you come with should be pleasant to every eye and stand the test of time. You want that every time you look at your Ibiza wedding photos (maybe 10 or even 20 years down the road from today!) and still feel proud of your great taste in colour.

It is possible to tell your own story by tying everything together through your own unique colour palette. Don’t fall victim to colour misconceptions, fads and style mistakes, instead, take your time and together with your Ibiza wedding planner transform your Ibiza wedding venue into this plethora of lovely wedding colours.

Narrow Your Palette To A Few Colours

You will have many colours to choose from and by “plethora of lovely wedding colours” I don’t mean that you put all the rainbow colours in your colour palette unless you want to risk looking chaotic. You could pick up to 4 colours that look lovely together and stick to them throughout your wedding décor in order to achieve this cohesive colour flow. By doing that, every detail in your Ibiza wedding décor will look like it belongs and elements such as your centrepieces will not look too messy. I have met Ibiza brides who prefer an undone look, in such cases, I advise them to go for the monochromatic colour theme with a bold shade, such as hot pink or vivid purple. This usually adds depth and keeps the look tailored for the best effect.

However, if you want to use different colours to create a colour symphony, it is still possible.  You could opt to use more than one neutral such as blue and yellow or you could go for a theme that is inspired by several colours. It could be an Ibiza garden theme that blooms with green, bougainvillea pink, orange and vivid red or a fall theme with yellow, red, brown, orange, and gold. Personally, I love a summer colour theme with various shades of hydrangeas, such as sapphire and sky blue combined with white and gray, then completed with a few pops of sunny yellow to make it feel light and vibrant.

A Personal Touch Is Very Important

After you have decided on your colour palette, it is now time to set the stage for the event. You want your guests to come to your wedding and see a part of you. Let your invitations set the stage for the event and ensure that the colours on your invitation card do a good job of introducing your Ibiza wedding colours. After your invitations, you could also add this personal touch to your table settings.

Select Complementary Neutral Blooms

In most Ibiza weddings, I notice that the planners try to colour-match the flowers by for example matching the centrepieces with the floral bouquets. When it comes to choice of floral bouquets for the Ibiza weddings I plan, I strictly go for complementary neutral blooms in order to allow non-floral décor elements such as the centrepiece vases, table linens, the bouquet ribbon wraps and the rest of the elements to show off the wedding colours. Sometimes the wedding colours could include blue. In such a case finding blue flowers can be tricky because many of them are usually seasonal. In such a case artificial flowers to match the Ibiza wedding colours could be the only option which is definitely not a good one because real flowers possess this unique and fresh presence that cannot be replicated with artificial flowers.

Don’t Choose Predictable Colours

There are colour combinations that have obvious connotations. When your guests come to your Ibiza wedding, they shouldn’t be reminded of their favourite holiday unless of course, your wedding is simply holiday-themed. Even if you love Vibrant Boho colours, for example, you could subtly tweak your hues by changing one shade or adding another colour in order to downplay the resemblance to the holiday colours combo.

It is possible to create that WOW factor in your Ibiza wedding décor by choosing the best colour palette. Start by thinking about the colours that you surround yourself with every day and then single out the colours that make you happy. Look for meaningful objects around your home and allow yourself to be inspired and achieve one of the prettiest Ibiza weddings EVER.

We hope you have found this post helpful! Don’t forget to get in touch with us if you are planning for an Ibiza wedding – we have many more tips and ideas that we are willing to share!

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