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Now you are ready to settle down, you have discovered your missing rib and want to get married. By now, you would have booked your wedding venue and date. It is now time to hire a Ibiza Wedding Photographer.

Follow the tips below to find professional Ibiza Wedding Photographer

  • Do your homework

Begin your search by going through reviews from recent couples and check out hundreds of local listings. Judiciously review possible photographers’ blogs or websites to view photos of other weddings they have shot, which will give you an idea of how they operate.

The website’s design can also have hints about the photographer’s sensibility and personality. Check out their Instagram, Facebook and Twitter pages also, if possible. Has he/her been getting positive feedback from clients? How does the Ibiza Wedding Photographer respond?

  • Invite the photographer for an interview

This isn’t a decision that should be made on looks alone. Before hiring the best Ibiza wedding photographers, you are to meet them in person. If their rates are fine by you and you are satisfied with what you’ve seen on their website, get in touch with them to see if they are available for your wedding. If the photographer has already been booked, check if he/she has an associate or can vouch for another photographer with a similar style.

Meet with four to five possible photographers who will be available on the day of your wedding to assess whether your personalities are aligned. Be ready to talk about your wedding style, venue, and what you visualise for your photos.

  •  Check out a Few Full Wedding Albums

Don’t make the mistake of making decisions based on what you see in a photographer’s album or gallery. For some reason, photographers tend to display a portfolio of their best pictures to potential clients. All the images will be from different weddings, so basically you are seeing the best of the best. The only problem here is that you won’t get a true picture of how they work. Ask the photographer to show you two or three real wedding galleries from their collection (not shots belonging to his associate) to enable you to see how your full wedding gallery might look like once the wedding is over.

If you notice that the full gallery images are as good as the ones in the highlight gallery (meaning, they are all so good it is difficult to choose!), just know you are on the right track hiring one of the best Ibiza Wedding Photographer. Also, request that they show you at least one or two full albums of weddings in Ibiza that are in similar to yours. For instance, if you are planning an indoor event with dark lighting, don’t let your focus be on weddings shot outdoors in normal sunlight. And if you are planning to say “I do” on a beach like setting, surely you’ll want to see some examples of that.

  • Understand your rights

Most contracts specify that the photographer owns all rights to photos taken at the wedding event, even the ones of you. What this means is that the photographer can utilize them promotionally, (on their blog or website, place them in ads or submit them for publication).

This also means that you cannot just decide to post the digital proofs that were sent to you—most wedding photographers have a policy which states that you are only allowed to share images with their credit on them or watermarked. Also, most times, if you want to order an album from other sources or print the images yourselves, you may have to purchase the rights to the images (Which are supposed to be yours technically).

  • Do you like the wedding photographer?

 Once you have narrowed down the Ibiza wedding photographer whose work you like, and whose values you seem to like, set up a meet with him or her. Then, try to know the person on a personal level and figure out if you LIKE their personality.

If you don’t like them, please don’t make the mistake of hiring them. Your wedding day is probably the happiest day of your life. You will be spending enough time with your photographer on your wedding day so you ought to find him or her pleasant.

  • Delivery

Before the wedding, you need to ask the wedding photographer how they will deliver. You need to know how slow or fast a specific Ibiza wedding photographer turns around images. The delivery of a full gallery might range from a week to six months. (You need to understand that faster is not always better. A lot of very talented Ibiza Wedding Photographers who offer low prices shoot lots of weddings during the high season. Professional Ibiza Wedding Photographers need ample time to deliver flawless work.) What will you receive? Are you going to receive hi-res JPGs (Note: you want those), or will you be required to order prints via the photographer? What publication rights does your photographer have?

If you wish to control where your photos can or can’t be published, speak out. Sometimes, if you ask a photographer not to publish your work, you may be charged a little extra, since free advertising keeps their costs down. Sometimes it’s worth it. And lastly, find out if you will get access to your unprocessed images. Some Ibiza Wedding Photographers may request that you do not publish unprocessed work, however styles change, and in thirty years, you may need them. Or you may not care. Only time will tell.