Your head will be filled with unforgettable memories of your Ibiza wedding day, but you will surely want to be able to watch again and again the photos that will have immortalised the different moments of your wedding. It is therefore essential to put all things on your side so that these clichés are successful. Here are five tips for this.

Choosing the right wedding photographer

Obviously, the success of your wedding photos depends on the skill of the photographers you choose.

From one photographer to another, the result can be very different. Each one has its own style, I advise you to choose the one that corresponds best to you, relying on examples of their work. Here at Cris Crown we will give you a portfolio of different photographers with different styles so you can pick the perfect one to match your style and budget.

Discuss in detail with your Ibiza photographer (s)

If you have particular cravings, it is essential to approach them during your meeting with the photographers to leave nothing to chance on D-Day, and to realize a few weeks later by receiving the photos you forgot to let him know how important it was for you to make this or that photo.

In the other direction, the photographers themselves will be able to give you their point of view, their ideas, or point the finger at details you had not thought of.

Paying attention to her make-up

Precisely, among the details that one does not necessarily think: the rendering of your make-up (especially the complexion) vis-a-vis the flashes of the cameras.

The very fine free powders and other clear corrective brushes are certainly invisible and colourless to the eye but on a photo taken with a flash they have a mirror effect. Each of the fine makeup particles returns light. So, on the photos, big white spots appear on your pretty face.

To avoid this drama, consider tackling this point with your make-up artist, most Ibiza makeup artists have got this covered through experience, or have a light hand if you make-up on your own.

Book a sufficient time slot in the schedule of the day

Think conscientiously at the time of the day when the photo session will take place. If you want this to happen with a sunset in the background, be vigilant as nature does not wait, and the sun goes at various times in Ibiza but a quick search would give you the time of your Ibiza Wedding sunset.

Also tell people you’d like to see on the photos. Your bridesmaids, your witnesses … You do not want to run around looking for them while the photographer awaits you for this session in a small committee.

Variation: new animations, original and offset.

More and more often, the bride and groom are planning a photo corner, where the guests take pictures themselves in a corner done up. A wide choice of atmosphere is offered to you (bohemian, retro, country …) that you can embellish different accessories (feather boas, XXL glasses, crowns of flowers …).

The photos come out instantly and the guests leave with their small memories.

Alternative for instant photos: the classic Polaroid. Vintage effect guaranteed, there is even a white band below to write a legend in indelible ink. The Instax model from Fujifilm is perfect.